Out of the Shadows

I’m done setting up my altar and preparing my urban Witch garden. The former is a collection of spiritual symbols I’ve received as presents over the years, and the latter are three pots sitting on a rack by my window—I’m planning to grow rosemary, lemon balm, and something else, maybe tomato… But I’ll tell you all about my altar and garden on another post, today I wish to let you know how this event brought me out of the shadows.

I have been at my new place for about a month. I like the area, the house, my roommates, but I didn’t feel at home. I did all the usual things: cleansed the place, alphabetized my books and DVDs, hanged pictures, made sure all the labels on my cans were facing forward… but none of it has kept me from waking up disoriented in the morning. Then last night I rearranged my small altar and got 3 planters ready for the spring, after I was done, I looked around my room and found myself at home!

This usually works for me; when I feel lost I go back to the basics; that is how I find myself.

What do you do when need to find yourself? 

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