Life couldn’t be better if I Put a Spell on It!

The Gods continue to rain blessings on your favorite Eclectic Witch in the City—yes, I’m your favorite Witch, just look deep within and you’ll see the truth ;-)

I’m on such a great mood. My old friend and I picked up where we left of; it was like we had never said goodbye. Okay that’s not completely true; I think the last five years have made us wiser and capable of valuing each other even more. Anyway, we were on the phone for over 3 hours last night, insane, huh? I told you, we have that kind of friendship. We should be getting together soon. I’m going to Washington, D.C., with my nephew on a school trip, and I’ll use the opportunity to give her a HUMONGOUS hug.

Also, I had a wonderful conversation with a couple of classmates. We were discussing Young Goodman Brown and the symbolism in Nathaniel Hawthorne's writing, and as if by magic we’re talking about Witchcraft and Paganism. One of my classmates (who happens to be the best looking mom I’ve ever met) told me that her family was Christian, but she just believed in good people and the power of spirituality. She said that she hadn’t heard about Paganism, and what she knew about Witchcraft wasn’t pretty, but that what I was talking about sounded just like what she believed in.

I showed her Pagan Culture and then we talked about some of the things that made Paganism great; the conversation went on for hours. By the time we parted ways, there was a new light in her eyes, and immense joy in my heart. I will never get enough of the delight I feel every time a new person finds out that Paganism is beautiful, and very far from being evil. That feeling that reminds me that the world can be the crappiest of places at times, but if we share the beauty of our spirit with those around us, we can turn a filthy shitcan into a pot where love and happiness grows out of control.

I’m a happy Witch! A blissful Pagan student and writer, who has three papers and two short stories due next week, and about 100 blog posts to read. But it doesn’t matter; today, I feel like I can take on the world. I have my family, my friends, and my Wicked Darlings by my side: Life couldn’t be better if I Put a Spell on It!


I'll post Touched by Pagan Culture updates soon!

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