Knowing Your Limits

I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed: I’m taking four classes, working on two novel length manuscripts, getting several short stories ready for submission, blogging, and working out when I can. I’m managing okay as of right now, but I’ll lose control if I don’t make certain adjustments; I just have a LOT on my plate. I’m not afraid of hard work, but that won’t mean a thing if I ignore my limits.

These are some of the changes I’m making in order to stay sane, happy, and productive:  

Touched by Pagan Culture Tuesdays: my Wicked Darlings, I will ONLY Touch you on the 1st Tuesday of every month. Doing it weekly is the ideal thing, but too much for me at this time. I’ll blog on the details, and make changes to the guidance, soon.

I will workout at home: I must workout a least 3 times a week. Did I ever tell you that I’m partially disabled? Hm… I don’t remember if I did… Anyway, I injured my right shoulder, my left hip, my left foot, and I have asthma, so I need to take good care of the HOT body the Gods gave me or it might fall apart. I need a good cardio/strength training routine, which I usually satisfy by running, lifting light weights, and doing calisthenics at the gym.

I go to the gym during the cold months (I prefer to run outside), but moving has messed everything up. The nearest gym is at an inconvenient location, getting there and getting a decent workout would take me about 4 hours—I can’t afford that. The Solution? I’ll dance at home until spring for my cardio. I own light weights, bands, and balls *hehehe*, so strength training shouldn’t be a problem. Working out at home can get boring, but I remind myself that this change gives extra hours to write, research, and blog; somehow that makes it all worth it.

Well, I better go and start working on my new schedule (right after I read your comment and visit a few of your blogs ;)

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