I Got My Miracle, I Think...

I received an email that made me cry. It hit me with a combined rush of joy and sorrow that I have felt only a few times in my life. One of the best friends I’ve ever had, read Sad, Wishing for Miracles and wrote this to me: 
“You asked for a Miracle… I'm just wondering if I counted at all. 
I hate that we haven't been in touch in years.  I hate that you never ever, not even ONCE shared with me your TRUE beliefs.  You were a Catholic as far as I knew.  I can't say that I agree with those beliefs, but I wish I'd been given the chance to respect and care about you anyhow. 
I hate even worse that you're having a "wishing for Miracles" moment.” 
I don’t have the words to tell you how special this person was—IS—to me. We met during a very difficult time in my life: I was alone, hurt, betrayed by the one I loved most at the time, with nowhere to go, no one to turn to… then a sweet angel, with the most delicious of laughs, opened her heart and welcomed me in.

We were closed in that special way that you only read about in teenage novels. You know those fiction-book-friendships that make you say, no way that could be true? Well, that was true for us. We had our disagreements, but they didn’t last. Making up, after an argument, was bliss: a couple of pints of ice cream—Dulce de Leche for me—I’d finish mine on one sitting and she would shake her head, while I stared longingly at her unfinished pint.

I should have told her about me being Pagan. I almost did, once, but I changed my mind. It was a few days before Ostara and I was going to invite her to a drumming. I was pretty excited because I had this wonderful flower dress, one of the priestesses made for me. Also, her young niece was with us and I thought the precious little girl would love the spring festivities.

I went to the drumming alone that night. I never told her about my beliefs because I was afraid. I had been crushed by someone I loved dearly, just a couple of weeks earlier; I wasn’t ready to lose the only real friend I had.

Today, I realized that I was wrong about her. I should have known then too, but we learn from our mistakes, don’t we? I replied to her email and asked her to forgive me. I hope she does, for it would be grand to rekindle the friendship and to have the chance to show her, just how much she means to me. 

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