Eclectic Witch in College

Yep, school started last week and I still can’t believe my blessings. Earning my first degree, in Social Psychology, wasn’t the most enjoyable of experiences; it was more like a sacrifice. I was in the Marine Corps when I went through college the first time and my schedule was insane. I worked as a gunsmith my first 3 years in the Corps, so I had to get up at about 3:00am on weapons issue days, at 5:00am or so the rest of the time. After work was over, my shop and I would do our required physical training, then back to our warehouse to get the weapons back from the shooters—to store them until the next day. Then I would go to school… I don’t know about you, but I found it extremely difficult to enjoy learning anything after being awake, and working my butt off, for nearly fifteen hours.

Today, I’m living a fairytale. I get up at 5:13am, exercise, work on my fiction, blog a bit, do my schoolwork, and grin like a fool every time I remember that I’m a full-time student and a writer! My current life is a wondrous adventure, my Wicked Darlings, and I want to share the details of my happiness with you.

I’ll start by telling you a bit about my professors. 

Confession time: I was scared out of my mind about being an Eclectic Witch in college. Not that I thought someone was going going to burn me at the stake (hehehe, couldn't help myself, it's fun to be a drama-queen every once in a while). Anyway, I was afraid I was going to have to censor my witchy nature in order to keep the peace. You all know I do love “peace”, but I suck at doing so the way others might expect me to. But I’m happy to tell you that I don’t have to hold my witchy tongue in college, well, not 100%.

My professors happen to be an interesting eclectic bunch, each fascinating in their own way. I have 2 male professors and 2 females, but in order to keep the peace I’ll refer to all of them as females—you see, I’m learning already ;-) Oh, I’m renaming them as well. So let me introduce you to The Guide, The Jaded, The Teacher and The Artist.

The Guide is a shaper of minds who uses her knowledge to steer her students toward their maximum potential. She doesn’t waste precious time reminding us how much some of our writing sucks, but instead she helps us figure out what works best for us and how to make that better. The Jaded is a bit of a nightmare. She loved her job… once. Today, she uses most of her time to tell students how unfair the scholarly world is, and why her colleagues are a tribe of losers. The Teacher is a master at her profession, but she is blind to her student’s humanity. I can only describe her as adventurous scholarly mind, but her imagination stops in the textbook. The Artist, on the other hand, is a maestro of teaching and of life. This individual makes me wish for mind reading abilities. I want to jump into her psyche and learn, in three seconds, how to transform teaching into a living blissful art. I just met her, but I can tell you that I’m adding her name to my short list of individuals who absolutely blow my mind with their genius.

However, not everything is bliss for an Eclectic Witch in college. I already experienced some unsavory moments, but that is another post… I’m just glad to be back after my short self-kidnapping absence, with the promise of doing my best to make it up to you, one post at the time. I missed you my Wicked Darlings; I missed your delicious minds in ways I can barely describe, but don’t worry I’ll TRY to bore you to pieces with the details of my adventures!

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