Creepy When Unexplained

The knock on the door made me jump out my state of mild misery. I grabbed my bath robe and went to the door, wondering who it was--I don't get unannounced visitors, mostly because my friends know I don't like it the practice. I unlocked the door, cracked it open a bit, and found one of my roommates staring at me. "Um, hi, what's up?" I didn't know what else to say.

"I think I'm in trouble." His eyes were huge and he was holding something, a small plastic container, I think.

I don't have time for this, not today. I mean, I was having a crappy day, I was not in the mood to hear about someone else's crap--harsh, but true. "I'm not in the best of moods, but I'll help if I can. What is it?"

"I know you are a Witch... and... well... I stay away from your stuff. I never touch your things in the kitchen or the fridge, but the container looked like one of mine, and oh God, I'm sorry, but I..." 

"Stop. I know I'm kind of anal when it comes to people touching my things without asking, but an accident is an accident, so don't worry about it," my roommate didn't look like he wasn't worrying about it. "I promise not to hex you." I said, trying to comfort him with my witchy humor.

It didn't work, the poor guy looked ill. "Oh shit Magaly. I'm sorry. I really am. I didn't know you had something dead in the fridge, and I know dead stuff can't be good, no it can't. And the ashes... oh God."

I didn't want to laugh, but I did. I threw my head back and roared. He got even paler, if that was possible. "You found Matthew, didn't you? My fish passed away a couple of weeks ago and I wanted to save his remains to add it to the soil of this spring planting. I was very fond of Matthew and I know his soul will be with me always, but I wanted to keep some of his physical body too."

He seemed to breathe. Finally. "You mean this isn't some dark Witchcraft stuff?" He laughed a little laugh that made him sound a bit psychotic.

"No, just Matthew's body." I assured him.

He glanced at the small plastic container that had been Matthew's coffin for the last few weeks, and looked back at me. "But what about the ashes?"

"I used it for a ritual I did when Matthew died. I want to bury it, but the ground is frozen right now, so I'll wait until the spring."

My roommate started to look  more at ease. "That's really sweet of you, to do something nice for your fish, most people just flush them down the toilet." He looked at Matthew, again, "You might want to tell everybody what this is, just to avoid scaring the crap out of them too. You've told us a lot about what you do and we are getting used to it, but lets face it, some things are just damn creepy when unexplained."

I started laughing again and he joined in. We both walked to the kitchen to put Matthew back in his frosty temporary grave. I went back to my room and wrote a note and taped a copy to the doors of my other roommates living space, explaining the whole dead fish in the fridge deal. 

Pagan practices, specially those within Witchcraft, make many non-Pagans feel uneasy. The uneasiness can becomes fear, sometimes distrust, and in extreme cases, hate. We can avoid this situation: let us spread our culture by letting people in and sharing our motives, for like my roommate said, some behavior "are just damn creepy when unexplained."

Can you think of any practices, within your culture, that might seem "creepy when unexplained?"

P.S. I want to thank each and every one of you, for being there for me When I was Sad, Wishing for Miracles; I'm smiling again. You don't believe me? Well, see for yourselves. You rock my Wicked Darlings!  

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