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The first Touched by Pagan Culture Tuesdays! I hope you are excited about it, because I’m so happy I don’t know what to do with myself. Click HERE to see find out how to be Touched. Lyon, from The Wandering Hearth already did it, which is why her blog is been Touched by Pagan Culture Tuesdays!

Lyon’s blogging muse is fed by different things. She started blogging to find a place to develop her “thoughts and feelings about recent life happenings”. The blogosphere has offered that and much more. It seems that Lyon, like many of us, has discovered a place to examine her spirituality and has also found a bunch of amazing people to share the experience with.

This young Pagan is a child of Brighid and Herne. The Goddess of Poets has blessed her with a sensitive heart, while the God of the Wild Hunt has given her the courage to live life her own way. Not sure of what I mean? Then read The Everyday Sacred, the post that has touched Lyon the deepest and you’ll understand.

My email exchange with Lyon, led me to understand that her taste is as eclectic as mine. She couldn’t pinpoint to one of the blogs she follows as her favorite. “I love them all for different reasons and I can’t make a list for you” said Lyon, claiming the list would never end. Her blogger friends should be happy to have her; I know I am.

Here is a message Lyon wanted to share with Pagan Culture’s Wicked Darlings: "I love being a part of this community and sharing our lives and ideas with all of you. I have a lot of interests and hobbies and the like, and I never imagined that this blogging thing would become so intrinsic to me, but I'm glad I discovered it and I'm glad to have found all of you! You challenge me, keep me thinking and smiling and I wouldn't have it any other way."

I follow Lyon's blog because her views are fearless and refreshing. Visit The Wandering Hearth to see for yourself; become one of Lyon's followers and share the blessings of her wild poetic mind.

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