SueAnn’s Journey. Déjà Vu? No, Not Really.

SueAnn’s Journey has been Touched by Pagan Culture before, but this wondrous lady tends to bless every Pagan Culture post with her wisdom, so List Randomizer has picked her again. I’m glad it did too, for we are going to learn some awesome things about SueAnn, which we—meaning me—did not know before.

SueAnn started blogging to share her art: “The newborn baby dolls (called “reborns”) and mixed media pieces”.  Like many others, SueAnn, kept a leash on her blogging “for about one year”; a picture here and there, but nothing personal. Then she stumbled into the rest of the blogosphere and “saw the openness and the details about process; whether it be life in general or art.  This intrigued” the heck out her and went all out.

“So evolve I did!” said SueAnn. She continued to post pictures of her wonderful work, but breathed life into it by adding HER story to it. Today, if you visit SueAnn’s Journey, you’ll find the personal blog of an artist and not just another art blog. And good things happen to those who get personal, want proof? Check out Surprise!!, a post about a gift SueAnn received from a blogger friend, it brought tears to her eyes *sniff, sniff*

If you want to know more about what sort of stuff SueAnn is into, visit Casa Hice by the Amazing Alix (no, Alix is not a magician, but her words will leave you in aw for sure!). SueAnn loves Alix’s blog, because this Wicked Darling is “is witty, honest and funny.  She makes [you] laugh right out loud.  She has tough times and she shows great courage in tackling them with a touch of funny and irreverence”, and that my dears is what life is all about.

SueAnn wanted to share these with you:
I am growing as an artist and a writer and I want my blog to grow along with me.  Also, I am going to follow Magaly’s lead and start another blog that allows me to share and focus on my writing.  I am a published poet and I have written a children’s book which is yet unpublished.  This I hope to rectify.

I already follow SueAnn’s Journey and I’ll definitely follow her writing blog too. I don’t know about you, but I like learning from those who have lived, and a lady who has been married for over 3 decades (and still in love), who is an artist, a happy grandmother, a friend… has LOTS to teach a witch like me. Please visit SueAnn’s Journey and let me know if good fortune is contagious! 

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