Spreading Pagan Culture at My New Place

I moved into a dorm-like house… without the drinking, the partying or the having to sneak The Boyfriend into my room bit ;-) I’m renting from a family who converted the second and third floor of their home into rental units. I live on the 3rd floor with 4 other people. We share a kitchen and two bathrooms. On the left side of the dwelling you find the Sir Sweet Snoring Beauty and Mr. Don’t Say Much, on the right lives Señor Talks Faster Than Very Small Bird on Crack and Dear Fabulous Darling. My unit is in the middle of the chaos—literally.

The first roommate I met was Fabulous Darling; he welcomed The Boyfriend and me with a bottle of wine and a big hug. He is the only one who I’ve had any real interaction with. Yesterday we were talking about school and things of the sort, and at some point religion became the main topic—I’m not sure how that happened. Dear Fabulous Darling did not know I was of the witchy persuasion, so when it came to conversation, he immediately started talking about the devil.

I told Dear Fabulous Darling that the devil is a Christian demon, so Witches have little to do with that demon. I explained that my Eclectic Witchcraft is all about loving one another, respecting life and doing all we can to live happily and let others live on the same manner. We discussed the issue nonstop for a while, and after an hour of doing so, Dear Fabulous Darling told me those words that make me smile for days every time I hear them: “I had no idea. I thought that Witchcraft, Wicca... was devil stuff.”

I went further to explain the correlation between prayers and spells, the similarities between different religions’ golden rules and so on. By the end of our enriching discussion Dear Fabulous Darling asked me for some cleansing incense, for his room, and a book to learn more about the wondrous world of witchery.

I’m sure you know I’m still smiling like a fool at this very moment. I just love meeting open minded, and open hearted people, who allow me to spread Pagan Culture!

What have you been up to?

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