Positive Energy for My Haitian Neighbors

I'm from the Dominican Republic, a country that shares a Caribbean island with Haiti. My Haitian neighbors were hit by "Total Disaster and Chaos", as reported by NPR. The Dominican Republic was not affected, which might be explained by the fact that the Haitian landscape is mostly bare, but some have disagreed with the geographical justifications--they believe Haiti is being punished by God.

I don't know what caused the earthquake that has taken my Haitian neighbors' lives, homes and hope, but I do know that they need help. I invite you to send all the positive energy you can raise toward this poor Caribbean country. I know that times are rough, but if you can, find a reliable organization and donate money.

Pray to the Gods you believe in; ask Them to help those who need it the most. Tonight, I'll dance to raise energy for my Haitian neighbors in need, join me by directing your positive thoughts their way, and as "we will, so mote it be!"

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