A Little Older, A Lot Wiser

I’ll be 33 this spring and I’m very proud of my years. I’ve grown as a person and a spiritual being. I was involved in a very unsavory incident earlier today. I was yelled at, insulted several times and treated very unfairly.

I was writing when someone knocked on my door and asked me if I had called social services about two children. I was confused, but soon I knew what they were talking about. There is a family who lives by me, who gets into many arguments. The yelling and screaming goes on for hours and it is usually accompanied by the cries of a young child—two, I guess, but I didn’t know that before.

The other day, The Boyfriend and I were watching TV when the family battle began. The Boyfriend asked, “Why don’t you call the police, hon?”

I’m ashamed of my response, but I’ll share it anyway. I told him, “They will be okay, they fight all the time. I already spoke to a person they respect, to see if this individual can get them to go to counseling.” I’m ashamed because I should’ve called social services for the entire family’s sake, but I didn’t want to be nosy. As a witchy woman, I believe in living and letting live, and as a Caribbean person I like to leave couples to solve their own issues.

I guess that’s not important now because someone called social services and an investigation has been started. Remember the person I spoke to about the issue? Well, this individual was the one who screamed at me and called me an “ill-intentioned troublemaker.” The situation has escalated to such levels that the landlord asked my dad for the apartment. He said he doesn’t want this kind of trouble in his building.

I was upset. Okay, I was pissed, but I didn’t tell the individual who called me names what he all his family were going to die of. That would have been me a few years ago, for nothing fuels my anger like the fire of unfairness. I looked at this person and said “I didn’t call, but I’m glad someone did. This family might not be happy right now, but at least they are safe. I’m just ashamed that I was too much of a coward to be the one to make the call.” I walked away after that, feeling a bit uplifted; thinking, Wow Magaly, you are definitely a little older and a lot wiser.

And this is not the only proof of my growth, for some time ago I had an argument with a loved one. You know, one of those arguments where both people are wrong? But I apologized for my harsh words, the other party is still angry. I’m just waiting for the fire to burn out. This surprised me a lot. In the past, I would have ran for the hills; encased my heart in an impenetrable box and thrown away the key. But no, I’m just here, waiting. I think I’ve learned to be patient and I’m proud of that too.

I feel good about myself right now, but a bit sad because a family has been forced to examine the way they treat each other; very disappointed because the fire of my loved one’s anger is more powerful than I thought possible; but hopeful because life has taught me that time and patience can do miracles.

Send me some positive energy my Wicked Darlings. Banish my disappointment; make my heart dance at the tune of your sweet thoughts.

In Darkness? Light!

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