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Touched by Pagan Culture Tuesdays is bringing you some eye candy. Yes my Wicked Darlings Judy’s Photos is a blog that satisfies the eye and the soul. I’ve been hooked on Judy’s work ever since I saw her first picture. Here is the Witch who stole my heart:

I remember the first time I saw this picture. I emailed Judy and said, “I wish I had that picture when I wrote a post on witchy attire, titled Eclectic Witch in Jeans.” Can you imagine how excited I was when Judy’s Photos was selected to be Touched by Pagan Culture Tuesdays? Yep, I was thrilled! And her blog is not the only place where you can find Judy’s work, for she also has a website, a place where you can purchase her art.

Judy started blogging because a friend encouraged her to do it and because she wanted to get some “feedback” *wink, wink*. Judy is not one for many words, but that is okay because her pictures are worth more than a few thousand words. The lady of few words, the one who can capture the best of life and make it last forever, wanted so share some of her most precious words with you. She said, “go for it, enjoy yourself, don't take things too seriously, life is short, smile, laugh, go outside, turn you face up into the rain, stick out your tongue and catch a snowflake, take a nap, so many things...”

So “go for it” my Wicked Darlings! Visit Judy's blog and website and enjoy some delicious eye candy.
P.S. I’ll tell you all about the move on my next post.

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