Adapting and Overcoming

My life is changing—again! I have about a week to move to a new place, a difficult task that becomes even more complicated by the fact that I live in the New York City area. But don’t fright I’ll get it done, and then let you know how it went. I have no problem adapting to change or overcoming adversity, on the contrary, these things make me thrive. Bring on the pressure baby!

Fate has been throwing me all kinds of lemons lately. I think I can make enough lemonade to sell and boost the economy (Maybe I should give Obama a call...) Anyway, on Pagan Culture in 2010, I shared that I was revising my blogging style. Well, the evolution is ongoing. For instance, I’ve tried waiting until the weekend to catch up with your blogs and I just can't do it. My Wicked Darlings' blogging is so WICKED interesting that I’ve had to cheat a few times. I hate cheating, so I’ll change things around a bit, in order to keep myself honest and sane.

Here are the latest changes (stop shaking your head ‘cause I’m feeling sensitive these days!):
  • I’ll blog 3-5 times a week, usually Monday to Wednesday.
  • I’ll TRY (Hooray SueAnn!) visiting the blogs of the Wicked Darlings who comment on my posts as their comments arrive.
  • I’ll save Thursdays and Fridays to catch up, and to touch *grin* those of you I haven’t heard from in a while.
  • I’ll still reserve weekends for my family, my fiction writing, scholarly research and my social life *cough, cough*. Don't worry, you won't have time to miss me because I am addicted to Twitter and Facebook, and I'll update those at least once a day.
What about you my Wicked Darlings? How do you react to change and adversity?
P.S. Thanks for the healing energies; they’ve reached the desired destination. And 13 zillion thanks to those of you who offered your house when you realized I had to move out of my place in such a hurry. You touched my soul—especially those of you who included home addresses (and pictures lol) with your offers. I feel blessed beyond words can actually describe. I love you all!

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