SueAnn's Journey

Are you feeling artsy today? In the mood for something crafty? If you are not, this post will get you there. Pack a bag, get your sunglasses and put a smile on your face, Touched by Pagan Culture Saturdays! is going to sunny New Mexico!! My Wicked Darlings, today we are following SueAnn's Journey!!!

Many of you have told me how much you are enjoying Touched by Pagan Culture Saturdays! It has put in touch with great bloggers and it is just plain fun. Well, I love it too. Wanna know why? Because it has helped me discover wonderful things. For instance, I was reading Lommler's profile today and realized a couple of things:

1. I have always misspelling her profile name. *I'm terribly ashamed*
2. Slommler, or Sue Ann (only to her closest bloggy friends lol) has been married for 35 years! My dears, I was just an ambitious sperm trying to get my swimming strokes right, when this lady and her better half started their journey.

Then I clicked on the link for her blog, as I've done many times before, and aw... I was lost in a world of tender beauty. I realized that the misspelling situation might not have been my fault after all. You see, Slommler makes babies, not real ones (although she made a few of those too and they have given her 5 wonderful, very real, grandchildren). I'm talking about baby dolls. Her creations are so real-looking that you can stare at them for hours, wondering will it open its eyes and smile at me if I look at it long enough?

But I'll stop here, for I feel I could speak about this wife, mother, grandmother, friend, artist... forever. Please check out SueAnn's Journey, then come back and let me know if her life touched you, as it has me.

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  1. What a great site! Funny you mention feeling crafty, as today Jack and I spent the day rearranging the kitchen to make it easier to get crafty with food, and my baby girl and I spent the last few ours making cut outs of construction paper and covering them with glitter...after we decorated our little Yule tree...

    It has been a crafty day indeed!