Peace Efforts Carrying the Stench of Intolerance

I'm sure you are tired of reading/hearing about the Christmas carol initiative started by a substitute teacher living in Redding, CA. But please allow me to beat the dead horse one more time (that sounded awful, didn't it!?)

The Redding lady wants to bring the Christian messiah back to public schools, for according to her only he can put an end to violence. This sounded like a nice wish--highly unconstitutional, but nice. So I was taken aback after reading Patti Wigintong's piece on More Holiday Grinchiness. Patti said that the Redding lady, obviously "didn't get the memo that there are other holidays that take place in December." I wasn't surprised by the meaning of Patti's words, but by the mild hostility of the title of her article, and the part about the "memo". Weird, I thought, this doesn't sound like Patti at all. The Wiccan woman is super sweet.

I decided to read the entire article on the Redding lady, to try to make sense of Patti's remarks. I got near the end and I understood. This lady said some pretty narrowed minded things, such as implying that everyone "came to this country to be Christian" and somehow the public school is robbing them of their American Dream. And one of the Redding lady's supporters was just plain ignorant, Amanda Winters quoted her saying that the December holiday "It's not about winter solstice or Kwanzaa. It's like 'wow you guys, it's called Christmas for a reason.'" I wanted to puke; hopefully on her feet, while she was wearing her favorite shoes.

So you can say that now I understand Patti's "mild hostility". I'm a bit annoyed too. I know that deep in her heart the Redding lady means well, she wants to promote what she believes is the real message of salvation. What worries me, is the fact that her efforts to promote peace, stink a lot like intolerance to me.

What does it smell like to YOU my Wicked Darlings?

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