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It seems that Pagan Culture hates the cold almost as much as a Dominican Witch who dwells in the freezing hells of New York. Last week we went to New Mexico and this week we are going to Malta, a "little sunny island in the Mediterranean Sea". Are you ready for some yoga? Well, if you are not, you can just hang out and read about the life of a wife and a mom who loves getting into strange positions *grin*. My Wicked Darlings The Lotus Pages has been Touched by Pagan Culture Saturdays!

Melissa aka Equidae is one of those moms who makes non-mommies like me *sigh* wish they had their own baby. SOON. I want to experience the things she experiences: the good days when her baby is an angel, and the not so good ones when they share half sleepless nights. The Lotus Pages will let you glimpse into the life of a wonderful mommy and wife. Please don't feel bad if you start making relocation plans right after Melissa tells you a bit about Malta, I have been preparing my bags ever since I found her blog ;)

Please go check out The Lotus Pages, then let me know if you want to become Melissa's neighbor as bad as I do!

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