"I'm Not a Witch, I Just Needed Some Luck!"

The rich aroma of nutmeg and cloves hit me way before I got to the kitchen. My dad was standing in front of the stove and I was surprise; my dad never made hot cocoa from scratch, that was my job.

"Papi, what are you doing?" I was hurt, I was supposed to be the hot cocoa maker.

"Nothing, why?" He gave me a weird look.

"Well, what's in the..." I paused when I noticed my dad was using my glass spoon and mini cauldron. "Those are not for regular cooking papi!"

He looked pained, so I felt bad and apologized. Then I looked at his face again, wait a minute, it wasn't pain what I saw on his face; It was embarrassment. That made me really suspicious, so I pretended that I was going to my room and let him lower his guard. When he did, I ran to stove and took a look. I saw a little piece of green paper in the brew.

"You are making a money potion!" I started laughing like an idiot, running in circles repeating: "Witch, Witch, Witch in the house!"

My dad got in front of his brew, crossed his arms and almost yelled, "I'm not a Witch, I just needed luck!"


This actually happened last week, but a few minutes ago, I was reading something about how many of today's religions are anything but "pure". That made the incident with my dad come to mind. I had to ask my dad if it was okay to blog about it and he said it was fine.

You should have seen his face when I found him brewing a potion. It was priceless. My dad is always repeating that he the most Roman Catholic of them all, so I just smile and nod when I see in deep thought, after his favorite astrologer reads his horoscope. Oh, I also giggle when he literally bathes himself in Florida Water before going to get his palm read.

I adore my 100% Roman Catholic papi, and his tiny bit of witchiness--ONLY for good luck!

Do you have any family members, friends, or neighbors who act somewhat like my dad?

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