Good Beginnings and Happy Endings

I made my New Year's resolutions around All Hallow's Eve (Halloween, Samhain, the night of October 31st...), but this year I'm making a New Year's resolution for the turn of the secular year too.

I was inspired by the realization that good beginnings usually result in happy endings. I know that shouldn't be news for anyone, for most of us know that when we take the time to plan something the results are more favorable than when we don't. Yet, some of us (okay me) love to fly by the seat of our pants; sometimes we get lucky, other times the results are catastrophic.

I'm not very attracted to total chaos, so I have one promise and a bit of planning for 2010. This is my turn of the secular year resolution:

Organize my recipes and stuff... Right now, most of them are written on the corner of journals, random books, napkins... one is written on a maple leaf! and the rest are kept in my head. I'm not getting any younger (stop nodding in agreement or I'll hex you!) Anyway, my memory still in very good shape, but I'm not expecting that fact to be everlasting. On January 13th 2001, I'll start to write my witchy things on the same place, and I plan to share the process with my Wicked Darlings.

Did you make any secular or spiritual New Year's resolution? If you did, when did you make them? On, or around, All Hallow's Eve? Will you be making them tonight or tomorrow? Did anyone make them at a time I didn't mention? Does anyone care to share their New Year's resolutions?


I'm back my Wicked Darlings! Thanks for spreading Pagan Culture while I was away. Now I'm going to your blogs to see what you've been brewing ;)

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