Dear Wicked Darlings - Letters from the Gods

Dear Wickedest of all Darlings,

Pagan Culture will no longer Touch you on Saturdays, but don't worry, Magaly will be all over one of your blogs every Tuesday. Except next Tuesday, when she'll be totally busy, still celebrating Yule. That Witch can party!

I read Magaly's mind (one of the perks of being a god) and I noticed that she enjoyed tweaking the new guidance for Touched by Pagan Culture. She thought it would be nice if you went over the changes, and then shared your feelings about the new stuff. If you aren't pleased, I advise you to voice (or type) your opinion as a comment on this post. Go ahead and let her know if you want something added or removed, "for he who doesn't ask for any, gets none"; her thoughts, not mine.

Super happy because I'll be reborn on Dec 21st,

The Sun God

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