12 Days of Pixy Christmas

This is just to show how eclectic The Hollows Series really is. First you read Rachel’s "Twas The Night of the Solstice" and now you get to read Jenks’s poetry. You haven’t heard about Jenks? Really? He is just the coolest pixy ever! You can read him in action in Kim Harrison’s BLACK MAGIC SANCTION, to be released February 23, 2010.

Merry Christmas my Wicked Darlings (Yes, I'm an Eclectic ironic Witch!)

On the 12 day of Christmas, my true love gave to me . . .
12 Humans Hiding,
11 Tinks a Tinkling
10 Porno flicks
9 Pole Dancers
8 Pixies Partying
7 Karma Sutras
6 Fairies Farting
5 Trolls in Drag
4 Purple Condoms
3 French Ticklers
2 Horny Vamps
And a Sucubus in the Snow

By Kim Harrison
Dec 15, 2009

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