This Scribbler’s Comments Rock!

I follow many blogs, and although I would love to comment on every single one of my Wicked Darlings' posts, I just can't. I don't have that kind of time. So how do I choose what blogs to comment on? I don't, you do. Why? Because I want my comments to be analytical. You spent your valuable time writing a post, so I want you to see that I really thought about what you wrote. I take the time to find ways your post applies to me and then I leave you a response. I would never insult you with a half-assed comment, aimed to cheat you into believing that I actually read your writing.

That is the reason why I was thrilled when the creator of One Pink Fish nominated me for the My Comments Rock Award. I like thinking that my responses to your heartfelt writing is indeed profound. Thanks so much my lady!

Clandestiny, from Naked in the Closet, nominated me for the Superior Scribbler Award. That one left me thinking for a long while... I just don't consider myself a "superior scribbler", but hey, why argue with such a perceptive lady? *grin* Plus, I feel that I'm superior at certain things anyway. Deciding what blogs to comment on is a good example. You see, there is a method to my blog commenting madness. I ALWAYS comment on the blogs of the Wicked Darlings who stop by Pagan Culture. Then on weekends, usually Sundays, I try to blog surf (search for new cool blogs) and catch up with those of you I haven't heard from in a while.

In the end, I guess Pagan Culture has benefited from my ability to think critically and my 'superior' methods *grin some more* to find ways to deal with comment guilt. Don't believe me? Well, go check out Diary of a Natural Witch, for according to Tiffany my baby deserves the Best Blog Award!

Now for the hard part, my nominees, YIKES!

My Comments Rock Awards go to:
Clandestiny, from Naked in The Closet & Chef Green, from The Sauce. These two individuals have said things that have touched my heart of hearts. I wish I could give the award to Judy too, but she doesn't have a blog ;( Heck, I want to give it to a bunch of you, but I don't make the rules--I just break them ;)

The Superior Scribbler Awards go to:

Crap! Wait, I have to work for this one. And I mean WORK. How in earth will I come up with 7 things you don't know about me?

1. I went to bed at 3am this morning.
2. I ate 5 oranges for breakfast.
3. I have period cravings (gross, I know guys).
4. I stare at people even if it is impolite. I can't help it!
5. My shoe size ranges from 8.5 to 9.5 depending on the maker.
6. I wanted to be Lion-O when I was growing up. He has the coolest sword!
7. I don't like wearing a bra. But I do... sometimes...

My 7 nominees now:
1. A Raising Mind
2. Better than Cured
3. Following the Willowisp
4. Gorsedd Arberth
5. Meadowsweet & Myrrh
6. Monsieur le Roi
7. Marcia Colette

The Best Blog Award goes to:
1. fever because Lora has spunk! I just started following her blog, and I can't wait to have some time to read her old stuff. This girl writes it like it is and I'm loving it!

Oh, in case you are thinking "Magaly you insolent cheat! You were supposed to pick 15!!" Well, think again my Wicked Darlings. This is the BEST blog award, so how can you have more than one best? I'm not intelligent enough to figure that out, so I picked one. Guess I did cheat, huh?


  1. 5 ORANGES!!! How do you peel that many without getting sore fingers?

  2. I have a very sharp knife ;)

  3. Congrats on your blog awards! Your blog is one of my favorites out there, as are Chef Green's and Lora's.

  4. Thanks so much MJ, that means the world to me!

  5. lol now I feel bad that my comments section wouldn't work when you stopped by *blushes*
    Congrats on the awards!

  6. Nothing to feel bad about Jon. I should stop by in a few and leave my comments about that "Magick Feeling", I thought it was a really cool post. I can relate...

  7. Congrats on the awards.

  8. Well a big hand clap for all your awards. Well deserved too I might add!!! I really will try to visit the ones you gave awards too...really!!
    Happy Thanksgiving

  9. I know... I was wondering about those five oranges myself. At least H1N1 will stay far away. Pigs hate oranges.

    PS: Lora is going to be thrilled with her award. She loves them, sincerely and she does them major proud. I adore her.

    Happy Thanksgiving you insolent cheat!

    PS: Staring is fun!

  10. Slommer, you rock too! And thanks so much for visiting the nominees!

    Alix, I do love Lora's blog, so thanks a bunch for pointing me her way. Um... really, "pigs hate oranges"?

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone--including those who call me names ;)

  11. Thank you dear!!!! I shall bestow this grand award to someone soon! xoxo

  12. You're welcome my Wicked Darling, but you deserve it. Don't feel too bad if you take a few days to pass the award, for if you do it right away you'll make me look bad for taking so long--it's all about making me feel good about myself lol.

  13. thank you so much!!
    what an amazing surprise in my inbox today!

    I promise to get this up on my blog ASAP, I'm going on vacation to my mom's this week and her house has dial up, so if I don't get to it today, please know that I'm absolutely flattered and thrilled it's just that I'm stuck over there in 1995. Er... mom's house.

    And I didn't know you knew MJ!! She is one of my real life best friends! We used to waitress together 8 or 9 years ago. What a small world!

  14. You totally deserve all these awards!! You do great posts plus I have noticed that you not only leave awesome comments but you take the time to reply to each comment left on your blog. I really appreciate the bloggers who do that!

    Thank you so much for the award!!! Like you I do make an effort to leave good comments when I'm able to leave one :)

    Now I must run over to my own blog to make a shame-faced admission and plea for assistance! *you'll have to imagine a very dramatic exit at this point*

  15. Thank you very much, Magaly! I'm honored.:)

  16. Congratulations for those awards. I am totally new to your blog, but what I see makes it clear that you deserved it. It is perfectly understandable that one cannot respond to any comment or commenting any blog entry. That would be a full-time job.

    Brightest Blessings

  17. congrats for the awards :) 5 oranges would give me heartburn...even one!

  18. Congrats! :)

    So tell us, what do you get cravings for during your period? Sweets? Chocolate? Something else?

  19. Congrats

    And many thanks for listing Gorsedd Arberth - I am suitably honoured and pleased : ) especially as I haven't had a lot of time recently to get round and post on others' blogs.

  20. Congratulations on you blog award, my love! Very well deserved, indeed!

    I tell ya, if I ate 5 oranges, I think the lining of my stomach would erode in minutes. LOL

    Oh yea, and about the bra thing? I'm not wearing one right now. In fact, if I'm at home? I'm not wearing a bra. :D

    Much love,
    boo )O(

  21. Lora, the world is indeed smaller than it seems. I love it how with this wicked thing (computer) we can reach out and touch so many--and it's legal! Hope you have a great time at your mom's.

    Clandestine, all I saw was smoke, there was even a lone rose left on stage lol. Thanks for the kind words and you so deserved this one.

    LJ, the honor is all mine--no, really...

    Diana, that would be indeed a full time job. I still wonder how some people actually do it--I've seen it! More power to them I guess. Blessings right back at you!

    Melissa, don't hate me for this, but I don't get heartburn. Until recently, I didn't even know what it was. I used to hear people talk about it and see the commercials on TV and stuff. Then I moved back with my dad and he was always complaining, I Googled it and was like "that sucks!" I don't know if my body is weird or something, but I can drink vinegar without worries.

    Sarita, those who ask should get an answer. You know how some women get really bitchy when thy are PMSing? Well, I get, um... excited. Yes, I want sex. Ooops! I wrote it again ;)

    Heron, we all have our time when we need to step back and recoup, so no worries here. I love your writing and will continue reading until you come back to the world of the living, interactive bloggers :-D

    Bridgett, thanks a bunch. I do love my oranges, and pineapple, and mangoes, and... well, I love fruit and like I told Melissa it does not give heartburn, so go meeeee! I wish I could say the same. I used to walk around home without a bra (without anything actually) but I can't do that again. My little brother is ruthless and I'm tired of hearing that I'm "going to take someone's eye out"!

  22. Congratulations for the awards! Well deserved.
    And thank you for the nomination. This is my first and means a lot to me.

  23. WoooHooo! That is awesome, I'm glad I brought such happiness then. May this be the first of many!

  24. Congratulations for the awards! Well deserved.
    And thank you for the nomination. This is my first and means a lot to me.