Any Thick-Skinned Computer Techs Out There?

I just got back from speaking to a computer technician. It was a nightmare! There isn't that much wrong with my computer; you see, my niece was playing with the power cord and she pushed it in too far. It needs to be opened and the socked needs to be readjusted. The technician told me that if there isn't any additional damage, the job would take 30 minutes--tops. I was deliriously happy! I smiled my BIGGEST smile, and told him that I would stick around while he did his magic.

"I have other jobs before yours," he said, "so I won't be able to touch your machine (what's up with guys calling laptops machines?) until this afternoon."

"That's fine," I assured him. "I'll be more than happy to bring it by this afternoon and wait for it then."

"What? You don't trust me or something?" He didn't look happy.

"Oh no!" My eyes almost popped out of my face. "Is not that... well, kind of, but I promise it is not you. I just had a really bad experience and now am a bit paranoid. Please try to understand."

He didn't try to understand. "I don't like people looking over my shoulder while I work, so you can go somewhere else."

I stood in the middle of his 8x8 computer shop staring at my lifeless laptop, and holding back angry tears. I couldn't believe I was back at square one.

I need to fix this laptop soon. I've backed up all my writing, minus the work I did the night prior to this issue, but I can not access my external hard drive with my brother's computer. I wish I could just go and get another laptop, but you know the economy... I'm on a budget... blah... blah... blah...

Well, I'm going to continue to use my brother's computer for now, but I need to focus on this issue. I'm going to be partially off the radar until I figure something out. Send me positive energy, a thick-skinned computer technician (or a check lol) to see if I can't get out of this situation soon.

Many hugs my Wicked Darlings. Computer-less woman OUT!


  1. Nightmare, wish I could help, sendng you goos thoughts for a decent techi xx

  2. Awww, I wish I could help. That computer geek didn't sound very nice at all.

  3. Yikes. Unfortunately most places you take a computer/laptop to are going to have the same "drop and pick-up" policy. So, if you're opposed to doing it yourself (you could find step-by-steps online, but it sounds like the soldering has come loose so all you're really looking at is needed to re-solder it in place. Sometimes a heat-resistant permanent glue would work, too), I think your best bet would be to call an at-home tech support team. Like geeksquad, maybe. Just tell them exactly what the problem is so they know what tools they need and explain (without the word "trust" coming into play) that you're not comfortable leaving your laptop anywhere--in other words, you're calling them because you want to supervise the fix.

    Best of luck to you!

  4. What a dick! You should have lied and told him; "I make voodoo dolls for a living mother fucker, enjoy your back pain!"

  5. I agree with Emma; call the GeekSquad. I believe they come to your place and fix it. Some people are really ??? Can't come up with the correct word...AAAAHHHH...must be an age thing. Want me to ask my Tech if he knows anyone out your way?

  6. ppl can be so uncomprehending and touchy and everything - sigh - i know why i should try to understand these 'machines' more but i just cant!

  7. I'll ask CYFRIFIADUR (that's the Welsh god of computers) to watch over you. Fraid I don't know the right magic to send a fix across the Atlantic, but with him watching your geeks should get the wink and do a good job.

    After all, it doesn't sound like anything too serious.

  8. How can people be so mean? I hope that you can find someone to fix your laptop without the attitude. Seriously, in this economy how can someone turn away business like that?

  9. Pixie, it seems that your good thoughts touched a lot more than my laptop issues--tell you all about it later ;)

    KIKI, he wasn't nice at all, there are times that I don't understand how certain people stay in business.

    Emma, I'm meeting with the Geek Squad tomorrow, wooohooo! I would try fixing it myself, but I'm worse than a guy putting something together without the instructions when it comes to these things--no offense gents!

    ASSHOLE BOYFRIEND, your approached to life, in general, always makes me giggle. You are just too much lol!

    Judy, my thoughts exactly! And I agree with you and Emma too, I'm going to best buy tomorrow!

    Melissa aka Equidae, you are too funny :D

    Heronmist, I think CYFRIFIADUR heard you. One must like a God who helps, even when one has never heard of Him. Thanks!

    Tiffany, amén! He must be blessed because the Gods know that I can't afford any attitude.

  10. Oh man I wish I could have been there. I am one of those thick skinned computer techs of which you speak, and yeah, sounds like he probably needed to resolder the power connection.

    I for one don't mind having people watch me as I work on things. As a matter of fact, sometimes I'll show them step by step what I'm doing so if they ever have a similar issue they can fix it themselves.

    I understand the need to be secretive these guys have, as I used to be an auto mechanic too. They figure if anyone finds out how easy it is to fix computers and cars that they'll be out of a job.

    Having said that, my advice is to please please whatever you do DON'T go to the Geeksquad!!! They are way too overpriced and usually way too inexperienced!

    Talk to people you know around town, find a local shop that is recommended by a lot of them, because word of mouth is the best advertisement in my book. Then your laptop will be fixed correctly, and will be done by techs without trust issues.

  11. Sounds like a lovely character. Not very professional either.

    I'm sorry, love.

    I hope your laptop issues resolve soon. We had three laptops...we're not down to one. We just can't afford to fix the other two or buy new ones. So believe me, I know all about budgets.


  12. Rayden Darklighter, I wish you lived close by too! And you know what? I'll follow your advise. I haven't taken my laptop to get fixed yet, so I'll go ahead and do some asking/shopping around. I'll let you know how it turns out. I'm sure The Old Ones will send me the right way.

    Bridgett, I've realized that this broke state of affairs is quite general lol. That is why I don't worry about it. Thank the Gods for my dear brother who has been a darling and pretty much has given me his laptop, so Im not feeling so rushed to get it fixed. I'll try to shop around until I can find someone who's not trying to charge an arm and a leg to solve my issue! Wish me luck!!!