Show, Don’t JUST Tell!

I’m always extra busy with schoolwork, The Boyfriend *grin*, life... so I don't have as much time for blogging as I used to. I do my best to post every now and then, but I’ve been horrible about reading my favorite blogs. Yet, my Wicked Darlings have kept the Circle going. I am very grateful and I’ve told you about it often. But I believe in showing and not just telling, so I’ve decided to Touch you my Wicked Darlings. NOT that way!

This is what I’m doing: starting (10/24/09), one of you will be Touched by Pagan Culture Tuesday! YOUR blog will be showcased on MY blog for an entire day, and then it will become part of the Eclectic Circle of Fame, forever.

 I’ll use Random.Org to select the Wicked Darling to be Touched. 

I know some Wicked Darlings comment a lot more than others, so if your name pops up after you have been showcased, I’ll just show you some link love. I’ll go to your blog, pick one of my favorite posts, and then I’ll tell everyone how that particular entry has Touched me. If you comment often, but you don't have a blog, then you and I will talk...

Click HERE if you want to be Touched!


  1. that sounds like a cool idea-like this we can all get to see what you are reading and read eachother....i like the idea!

  2. What a wonderful idea!

    I've been bad about blogging the past week or so as well, because I was on vacation with my husband celebrating our first anniversary. :)

    Usually, I show my blog friends love by commenting when I can and reading what they have to say nearly every day... usually in the morning, with a cup of tea before work.


  3. Written In Earth, that was my first thought. I've found some great blogs by snooping around my blogger friends followers, so why not share the wealth?

    D. Suplicki, I need to do that again. I used to comment in the morning with coffee or tea, but I've been writing until late, um.. lately lol, so I end up waking up half dead.

  4. This sounds like fun. Did I tell you I just started a pagan themed blog as well as one pink fish.

    I am going to "offically" start living the path I knew I was destined for.

    Thanks for your help and encouragement along the way.

  5. Asshole Boyfriend, stop jumping around. I think I would like to interview you more than just talk about your blog, your perspective is quite unique and misunderstood.

    One Pink Fish, I'm so excited! I'm going to check it out right now. I'm happy you found something that works for you and that Pagan Culture helped you get there. You are sooooo very welcome.

  6. Pink fish, it's too damn early in the morning... *lol*.

    This sounds like a great idea. I guess it might be good to show that one cares more *in general* - by listening and commenting on what friends are doing and saying (not only on the internet), by dropping a few words now and then (like sprinkles?), by showing up with cookies - hear me? Showing up with cookies! *hint*

    (I am not responsible for this. No coffee has been near me yet.)

    Especially on the internet I sometomes get the impression that people have difficulty communicating - as if people were in a room singing, but not like a choir, but everyone singing their own song without listening to the others at all...

  7. love your idea :) maybe when I have enough people leaving me comments I can do the same!

  8. Diandra, you are too funny :) I definitely agree, showing up with cookies or soup when a friend is sick, is way better. However, when your friends live thousands of miles away and blogging is one of the things you have in common, a big of comment love goes a long way--at least for me. Hope you got your coffee.

    Melissa, I glad you like it. I'm sure you'll get a bunch of people sooner than you might think. I started this in May 09 and I didn't expect the amount of Wicked Darlings who take the time to stop by every now and then.

  9. What a fun idea! I love getting recommendations for new reads from blogs I already know and love.

  10. Awesome idea. I might think of something similar for my blog...

  11. This is a great idea! And I so admire your motivation. Maybe after I escape from the hell that is TBS, I'll be able to spread some similar love in the blog world. Until that point, I'll just admire and point at yours! :-)

  12. Do our blogs have to be specifically Pagan, or do we just have to talk about Paganism every once in a while?

  13. M.J., you read my mind!

    Emma, I can't wait to hear about all your followers. They are all so very artistic.

    Amanda, I hope TBS is not kicking your butt too hard--oh, that's impossible, for if it isn't you are not doing it right. lol Can't wait to see you come back.

    Sarita, this is going to be a celebration of Pagan Culture's Eclectic Circle, and as you might noticed already, we are a very diverse bunch. So no, the blog--or the blogger--doesn't have to be Pagan. They just have to be part of the Eclectic Circle and comment, comment, comment :)

  14. What a neat idea, I can't wait to read these.

  15. I'm excited too! Let's see what tomorrow brings ;)

  16. This is a truly wonderful idea!!
    I'm just so far behind, I'm only just now hear about it.

    How kind of you. :)


  17. Uggghh.


    That should be hearing, no hear. ;)

  18. I'm glad you are trying to catch up. And don't worry about the typo, you get 3 chances on Pagan Culture, after the 3rd I'll hex you! Just kidding ;)