Eclectic Pagan Values: Creativity, Equality, Love…

I love celebrations! To be honest, I don’t need a reason to celebrate. I’m the person at the office who is always walking around with a smile. I sing aloud—I even ignore the dirty looks and the door slamming, which seems to increase when I start singing about how much I love me and every other living thing. So when I clicked on Chrysalis and read Pax’s invitation to celebrate International Pagan Blogging Month, I was thrilled!

I thought about my own values and how they have been enriched by my Eclectic Witchery. And I immediately realized that there were way too many to cite in one post, so I picked the three (or six if you want to get technical), which are dearest to my heart:

Thinking & Creativity: as many of you already know, Paganism has no centralized scriptures—something for which I’m immensely thankful. The fact that we don’t have a set of rules telling us exactly how to go about things—how to think—allows us to get creative with our beliefs. The limit of the Pagan experience is set by the Pagan’s heart and his or her ability to imagine. I love to wake up in the morning knowing that my Eclectic Pagan Experience has no boundaries.

Equality & Acceptance: a few days ago I read The Path Into the Wood, the post of a Hedge Witch, who grew up as a Catholic. She said that although this religious path didn’t satisfy her spiritual hunger, she conformed in order to please those around her. But she ran for the woods the day a religious leader told her that one of her family members “who is homosexual, was going to hell.” like her, I also celebrate Paganism’s view on equality and acceptance, as illustrated on my post A Tale of Mythology and Paganism.

Love & Respect for Nature: this may be my most cherished Pagan Value. I love Paganism’s connection with Nature and our Pagan ability to Love and Respect everything alive. To be Pagan is to live in harmony with our surroundings; to love and respect Creation, for without it, there wouldn’t be any thinking, creativity, equality, acceptance, love, respect or Pagans to do any celebrating.

I’m not as naïve as to believe that these values are exclusive to Paganism, or that they are the reason why everyone chooses to follow a particular spiritual path. So, if you are Pagan, what values are “dearest” to your heart? And if you are not Pagan, what values make you want to celebrate the path you fallow?

Let the celebration begin!


  1. Every day can be a celebration! I listen to this one song for Shango from Trinidad everyday on my I-pod to get me in the mood to face the day. There is so much negativity in our jobs and in the city, we need to celebrate the Divine that is within us and all around us.

  2. That is soooo true, we definitely need more positivity in order to keep balance.

    I also have a morning-pick me up song (Mother of the World by Sharon Knight. I love it, especially the drumming!

  3. I am not a Pagan but the teachings of equality and being in harmony with the earth have always spoken to me. Stopping by from SITS. If you get a chance, stop by my blog and enter my one year anniversary contest.

  4. Thanks for visiting! I wish the need of "being in harmony with the earth" spoke to everyone. I can't understand how any person can get detached from the Thing that keeps him/her alive.

    I'll check your blog. I love prizes ;)

  5. Celebrations are the best! popping in from SITS to leave ya' some bloggy lovin!

  6. And I do get all excited when anyone stops by, especially if they love to party!

    I'll go by your spot to take a look at your latest pretty things ;)