Dilemmas, Decisions and Bridges

First, I would like to share my reaction to two posts that made me slip into a reflective state of mind.

One post was about someone experiencing the wonders of spiritual eclecticism. “And the Gathering has begun….” posted by Written In Earth, suggested that one can “embrace” part of a belief system—Pagan or non-Pagan—without “paganizing” it. The secret is to only use what works for the person doing the spiritual gathering. Hallelujah!

The other, “Sink or Swim Decisions”, was written by paranormal fiction author Marcia Colette. It touched me deeply, not only because Marcia has a way with words, but also because I’ve been struggling with how to manage my writing time. I write urban fantasy romance. I post on this blog. I keep a LifeJournal account. I have to write for school. I faithfully write comments on the blogs I follow… a bit much, huh? In her post, Marcia confessed to have given up certain aspects of writing in order to pursue others that she considered to be more fulfilling. Her words made me feel better about letting go of some writing related activities, in order to spend more time um... writing.

Now the dilemmas, decisions and need for bridges, which I feel have been highlighted by the feelings evoked by Written In Earth’s and Marcia’s posts. I dislike separating my thoughts about writing and about Paganism. Like Written In Earth wrote, “why not just attempt to work [both topics] into this blog”. Do I have to separate my Paganism from my fiction writing in order to keep my readers focused or interested? Or am I good enough of a writer, to effectively combine two of the things I love the most in this world? I believe I can. And I’m going to give it a try.

Pagan Culture “explores Paganism in modern society and the myths that surround Pagan practices”. One misconception (or myth) about Witches is that we are secretive, scary and even weird. Well people, I’m an Eclectic Witch and my biggest secret has to do with how many mangoes I can eat on one sitting. But don’t worry; I’ll keep that type of information to myself, maybe.

But I want to share the rest of my witchy life. I want Pagan Culture to be a place where people read about an Eclectic Witch who writes, works, loves, dances, runs… and enjoys herself as much as every other life-loving person! My beliefs have influenced my entire life, from what I do for a living to how I chose a partner to share my life with (more on this soon). I’m not going to tell you about everything—a girl must have her secrets—but there are so many things I would love to write about. Like being a Witch in the military, or writing in a genre where most people think of my beliefs as pure fantasy…

What do you think about this issue? Would you continue reading Pagan Culture if I integrate the type of information described above? Based on the *cough, cough* quality of my previous posts, do you believe I can pull this off? Any tips on how to separate the topics within the blog? Should I do it at all?

Advice away…


  1. I've got three different blogs and find it useful to keep a slightly different focus on each of these, though I don't know if it's obvious to others! But if it helps to bring everything together under one heading, why not? People will read what they want to read and if occasionally things may not be of interest, that's no reason not to come back to check out the next one.

  2. Heron-

    I think you are right "People will read what they want..." I also hope they come back for more. I want to bring all my writing to one blog because I feel that my writing suffers when I keep it separate. I'm very passionate about both, so they end up mixed up most of the time and then I find myself removing this and that.

    I'm going to try a merger and if it doesn't work. Oh, well, I'll pick myself up and keep on writing :)

    Fingers crossed!

  3. I've encountered similar issues. I myself have my own livejournal, which I post to quite frequently, but tends to be more on the diary-thought-random stream. People are welcome to read it, but I keep it friends-locked so I can control who sees what. Then I have my photoblog, which is wide open for anyone who finds it to read. I decided to keep the two separate simply for the sake of "professionalism"--if I want my blogspot blog to be something I use to showcase my art/photography and perhaps a taste of my life, then I also want it to be something I'm completely comfortable sharing. Obviously my case is a bit different than yours, it sounds.

    I'm also a writer--so I completely sympathize with you about dividing writing time. My current system is that I post to my lj and photoblog whenever I can or whenever I feel like it, but my priority time-wise is always on my creative writing. In terms of comment-writing, I only read through blogspot posts once a week; which helps quite a bit in terms of balancing the types of writing I'm doing.

    My advise about your blog focus is to do whatever feels best. Personally I'd say go for merging all your interests here--the more specialized your blog, the more unique it is. And that really helps it pop out to potential readers. Obviously that can narrow down your general audience, but I think it's generally the case that you'll gain more true audience--the people who really understand and appreciate exactly what you're writing about.

  4. I have to agree with Emma do what feels right for you.

    But I also say why not? Give it a try-

  5. Emma & Written In Earth-

    Thanks for your advice. I will definitely do what feels right, many times we think about things so hard that we ignore our instincts. Merging the blogs feel right, so I think I'll give it a try!

  6. Personally, I find it so much easier to maintain one blog while still finding time writing. In the end, that's more important to me than blogging. After all, I get paid--albeit not much--to write. The blogging comes free. ;-) Well, it also gives me the chance to connect with other writers, which is a big plus in this business.

    One piece of advice: rely heavily on that Catagories heading on your sidebar. There are times I have to go back in the past to recall things I've said, and my Categories listing has come in handy for that.

    Most important of all, those who love you to pieces (like me *grin*) will visit you no matter what. Although, if you convert to Satanism, there's a very strong chance that I'll become scarce. ;-) Nevertheless, your posts both intrigue and inspire me, especially when it comes to writing. You make me want to make sure I get my Pagan facts right.

  7. Marcia-

    I'll definitely take a good look at my 'categories' the truth is that I don't pay much attention to that part of the blogging. I glanced at it, after reading your post, and realized that it is way too general--six months from now, I won't know what's what!

    Thanks again. Oh, and you know what? I don't much about Satanism. Actually, I don't know a thing, so I'll do some research to make sure I don't lose she who loves me "to pieces" ;)

    Hm, almost done with my coffee and about to jump on the treadmill *pouting*

  8. :lol: You don't have to bother with the research. Ignorance is bliss.

    I think my Categories list is too general on my blog, too. But then again, I utilize those cloud tags like nobodies business. Gotta love those things.

  9. Yea you've gotta do what makes you happy! Some of my blogs stir the pot (no pun intended) but for the most part I just blog from the heart! I'm interested in learning more about what you do and how you live life though, it's so unheard of to me!

  10. What an interesting blog!

    Stopping by bc you commented right above me at sits!

  11. Future Mama-

    Thanks for your input. And don't even say a thing about posts that "stir the pot". You did read my previous post, huh? LOL. But like you say, we must do what makes us happy and learning about different spirituals paths and taking what I believe makes me a better/happier human being is working for for me.

    My favorite part about all this, if walking into a temple, church, circle... or religious gathering of any kind and learning that there is always something nice to learn about it. This doesn't mean that I ignore the bad things, it just means that I focus in the good. Life is way too short to go around thinking about misery and ugliness.

    I'm glad you're interested in how I "live [my] life". I'll try to feed that interest one post at the time ;)

  12. Yaya-

    Thanks for stopping by, I'm going to check you out too.

  13. I agree with Marcia ignorance is bliss. Hahaha Leaving some Friday bloggy love from SITS


    You and Marcia are making curious about this whole thing... bad, very bad! Thanks for the love ;)

  15. Hi everyone (who happens to come back to this post, wondering what happened to Paganism in Fiction). I’m no longer doing it. I just couldn’t write an interesting (and fun) post of less than 800 words and still cover all what I wanted to cover.

    I’m sure many hearts are broken because we all know you don’t get any sleep waiting for me to post (okay stop laughing now!!!!!). But don’t worry, I’m doing good old research on the issue and if the paper gets published, I’ll make sure everybody knows—even those people who really could care less ;)

    Happy Sunday!