Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Witches in Fiction 2014 Giveaway Winners… and Unripe Puns

Interaction is the medicine that helps us do. Likeminded souls are the vigorous elements that keep us doing it with a smile. The smirk on the face of the very mature Wicked Darling whose mind just whispered, Ha! She said ‘vigorous’ and ‘doing it,’ is what nudged me to start this post with three sentences that although true, you must admit, are also ridiculously verbose.

But do we truly mind a bit of prolixity, if the words make our lips quiver with pleasure? I didn’t think so either. Still, I’m going to drive this to a hard climax, for too much of a good thing can be terrible for the loins. *snickers and cackles*

My Luvs, what all this dreadful punning aims to tell you is that, I had such a freaking blast during Witches in Fiction 2014… Crafting Blooming Howls that the glee still lingers. Thank you so much for the time and creativity you brought into my cyber-home. Your imaginative blooming and howling left my witchy soul flashing every single one of her pretty teeth. Don’t believe me? Well, here is proof (just don’t get too used to this look… my hair will be even shorter when I share the next picture):

Without further babbling and/or picture sharing,
I present Winners of Witches in Fiction 2014… Crafting Blooming Howls:



Mantan Calaveras, DogsMom, Sharon

Kestril Trueseeker


Sharon, DogsMom

Ash Lynn


Lynda H


Tatiana’s Tea Party

13. Blooming Howls Inspired Blade – this giveaway remains open
keep reading for an extra entry
*wink, wink*

Congratulations, my lucky Wicked Luvs.
please send me your mailing info (magalyguerrero @ live . com)
One last thing… Sharon, you must share your winning secret! I mean, 3 times! Really?

One more last thing… for an extra entry to the Blooming Howls inspired Blade Giveaway, leave me a comment sharing your after-party thoughts on the Witches in Fiction 2014 event (the comment must be crafted as a pun *giggles*).
One third and final last thing… some of you didn’t enter the blade giveaway because you were worried about shipping laws for your state or country of residence. Well, my dear Eliora provided these links: the first is to the postal prohibitions for all countries, and the second to the varied laws within the United States:
You made Witches in Fiction 2014 rocketh very mucho ;-)

Monday, October 20, 2014

I Will Sleep Skyclad Tonight

Don’t look into the light at midday,
they’ve claimed to have poisoned the sun;

don’t smell the sounds of the night,
they’ve whispered of rotting the moon’s breath;

don’t touch your skin to fresh rain,
they’ve said clouds will burst with man-spew;

don’t listen to the chants in the wind,
they’ve infected the breeze with nightmares;

don’t look,
don’t smell,
don’t touch,
don’t listen,
don’t dream,
don’t be…
Witch child,
they’ve spoken of such—

Shhh, dear Love.
I will sleep skyclad tonight:
flesh and bones curled on the Mother’s soil,
soul cloaked in the ever-watching eye of my Dead,
will powered by the love of my Living.
I shall kiss the morning
with my heart open,
and wake the world with laughter
when Mawu-Lisa warms my lips with three rays of mirth.

But, they’ve—

Shhh, dear Love.
I placed my three words over her trembling mouth,
for silence and for peace…
Let them, I said,
for the forsaken, too, hunger for discourse.

Note:  this poem began to take shape after someone described the painting below as “too scary, too exposed… [and] is that a skull under her?” She said that it looked as if “dead people” were about to get the girl. I examined the piece for a long time, marveling at how our experiences and beliefs can affect our interpretations of the same work of art. Many people feel uneasy around anything that reminds them of mortality. But I find safety in thinking of those who have traveled to the Summerland. I mean, if the dead were interested enough in the affairs of the living to want to hurt us, wouldn’t this suggest that a whole line of those who loved us in life and are now gone would be setting protective spiritual perimeters around us? It only makes sense to me when both are true. How can anyone fear the possibility of the former without finding solace in the promise of the latter? Hm… unless every dead person we knew didn’t quite like us, and the living we know cant wait to die in order to pull our toes.

for Imaginary Garden with Real Toads ~ Open Link Monday
Possession, by SunshineShelle

Crafting Blooming Howls Giveaways Reminder 
12 of the 13 Witches in Fiction 2014… Crafting Blooming Howls giveaways will close tonight (October 20th, at 10:13 pm DST). Follow the link, if you haven’t entered...

P.S. Fly over over to Shelle’s blog. She is giving away one of her paintings.