Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Magaly Gazette, 5: All about Blades

I was sipping coffee in front of my laptop, waiting to be blessed by the most perfect of all caffeinated Zen, when I realized that this week’s Magaly Gazette would be all about blades. I smiled brightly, and knew the day would be delicious.

Happenings at my main blog (in reverse chronological order)
- “G.G.’s Rekindling Spark”: life, death, love that might be rooted in all the wrong things… and a curved blade with extra bite.

- “Not Victoria”: a woman at the crossroads… and a blackened blade.

Wicked Darlings’ Deeds
- Mabel Bunt and the Masked Monarchs, by B. R. Marsten and R. Collins, is an extra yummy to read armed with all kinds of blades. Click on the title for my review.

- The Raven Athame – Special Edition”, by Eliora… If there ever was one blade to rule them all, this one would probably be it. 

after rereading last week’s Magaly Gazette,
I feel the need to confess that I might have a blade fetish…
and I like it, a lot

Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Magaly Gazette, 4: Mabel Bunt and the Masked Monarchs… and a Gazette that Used to Be a Report that Used to Be a Weekly

You can blame this ridiculously long title on Eliora. The same goes for all the changes to the name of my weekly, sometimes biweekly, updates. You see, Lori failed to read my mind when I was looking for the perfect name for this thing. Seriously, what are friends for if they can’t predict what you will need before you ask them? So there, that’s the story behind The Magaly Gazette: a gazette that used to be a report that used to be a weekly.

Happenings at my main blog (in reverse chronological order)
- “Of Water, Soil and Small Powerful Magics”: well-aimed cruelties, lessons learned, and how “We can miss entire worlds, if we limit ourselves to seeing only the things we know.”

- “Fungus”: this hysterical bit is my first spoem. I giggle just thinking about it.

- “Skintight”: Laila Flynn, part 4. I’m sharing this link again because many Wicked Darlings missed the tale. And it was my fault for piling other posts on top of it too soon.

Wicked Darlings’ Deeds
- Mabel Bunt and the Masked Monarchs, by B.R. Marsten and R. Collins: many of us have been screaming for another taste of Mabel. Well, Narrator and Rhissanna just served us the complete meal. I purchased my copy before writing this post; click on the link to get yours.

“Mabel Bunt, a girl of good heart but indifferent morals, is sent to a prisoner to bring him some comfort on his last night before execution. When she leaves his cell, she is a fugitive in a city on the brink of civil war. Meanwhile, a stranger with a blade cuts a swath through the streets at night, exacting his own bloody vengeance.”

- Giveaway over at Roses and Vellum: Laura Morrigan is giving away a copy of Night Flower: The Life and Art of Vali Myers. After reading the book’s blurb, I was ashamed that I had not heard of the woman before. I was tempted not to share this (to better my chances, you know?), but I had to spread the yum. Fly over to Laura’s blog soon, since I’m not completely sure when the giveaway will end.

- And because every post needs a delicious combination of red and black, I present you the “Morrighan Athame - Special Edition”, by Eliora: black blade, garnet, moonstone and black onyx. Isn’t this piece simply stunning? You can order yours from Eliora’s shop