Friday, February 5, 2016

A Wee Note from Poe

I’m having a lot of fun crafting blackout poems out of my recent post titles. The last 13 posts produced a blackout poem that, to me, reads like a wee note from Edgar Allan Poe: I collect hearts, eyeballs, teeth and interchangeable words of pain. 

This is the list of the latest 13 posts, published over at my main blog:

- “Storm
- “In the Dark
- “Island of Pain
- “Marred Sari

And because I made a mistake on my link count (I renamed one of the posts, but forgot to remove the old title before creating the poem), I’m adding the title of a post, by Diandra Linnemann, which makes me roar every time I see it: “No, you don’t have dented vaginal chakras”. If you haven’t been following her blog, then you’re missing all sorts of hysterical yum… as well as cackle-inducing phrases, like, “stuffing your orifices with obscure tiny teabags or doing coffee enemas”. So there… 13 titles… because the number 12 gives me the creeps.

Saturday, January 23, 2016


Things have been getting a bit boring around here I guess that’s normal with any site that has the word “archival” as part of its tagline… So I removed the boring word… And since I don’t much care for boredom or for normalcy, I went ahead and listed the last of  the 2015 posts from my main blog, and crafted a wee blackout poem out of them. What do you think?

Living souls
turn bright and dark
searching for balance.

Here are the posts published, on, during the last couple of months of 2015… and the source for the blackout above:

- “Strong
- “Unboxed