Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Magaly Gazette 9: Healthy Creatures

I believe that a bit of the cruellest months poetry just spilled out of my eyeballs.

Dear gods of poetry dancing half-dazed and shoeless on a hot pin, I can barely wait for the last day of this month… I swear it, my Wicked Luvs! I’m looking at April 30th in the same way I used to stare at the finish line during a run, after my soles had been slapping ground for twelve and a half miles… or more.

I’m in the middle of that gut-bursting moment, which gets the mind all thoughtful, so that the brain starts wondering, What in the name of Descartes’ shin splints was I thinking? Then the body crosses the finish line, and the brain smiles from beneath a blanket of exhaustion, knowing that every bit of sweat and soreness was worth the feeling of having done it. 

Happenings at my main blog (in reverse chronological order)

Wicked Darlings’ Deeds
- “Timeless”, by M. Willcox – a very old tree addresses mankind, in a short poem that ends with a message that left me nodding in complete silence.  

- Healthy Creatures – I was going to write a poem about this page. But rereading the author’s description of it, told me that what I wanted to share with you had already been written:
redefining “disability”
so it spells… “dignity”
she’s a one handed midwife,
thriving within catastrophe;
finding Beautiful Souls…
caring for a thinking page 
of Healthy Creatures

- “The Watcher”, by MagicLoveCrow –  Stacy’s work is sunshine married to paint on canvas, spring kissing summer on the mouth, crows grinning old and new secrets… Im enchanted by her work; can’t look at it and not feel happy. Those feelings are worth sharing, so… watch:

Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Magaly Gazette 8: Spring Is Crafting

“I sniff the soil for to-be blooms
and spring-dream of petrichor.”
~ Magaly Guerrero

I’ve been bathing in warm words, dancing to lines that grab the hips, weeping with stanzas that squeeze the soul. These past week has been for poetic words: humorous, gut-ripping, sensual, dark sprinkled with deeper darkness that looks a lot like light; and there has been remembrance and romantic love… plus a bit about dying, followed by the bliss of rebirth (from a kind of living that read very much like death).

Poetry has told stories at my main blog and at the cyber homes of those participating in NaPoWriMo with Magaly Guerrero 2015. Below… links to the yum, plus quotes to two poems and a bit of sparkle that caught my eye. Read on, my Wicked Luvs… and I’ll write. ♥

Happenings at my main blog (in reverse chronological order)
- “Sister to Storm to Dirt to Flame, a Laila Flynn poem”

Wicked Darlings’ Deeds
- “Slash in Silken Iris”, by Rommy Driks: I was taken by the imagery-rich language.
“This gash could have been avoided
had someone been a bit more compliant”

- “Church Bells”, by Sharon Rawson: The Delicious pacing and suspense did me in.
“…eight demons 
captured the wind and plowed
a path through the land”

- “Floral Faerie Necklace and Earrings Set”, by Eliora: They make me think of spring…
“One-of-a-Kind… a delicate silvery Faerie plays among lovely pastel-hued… The antique Tibetan Silver charms and premium acrylic blossoms, in shades of pink, yellow, white. fuchsia, blue and violet, with glass pearl centers gives a look of elegance to the set. Green glass and Tibetan silver leaves complete the design.” 

Thursday, April 09, 2015

The Magaly Gazette 7: Sedna Oil on My Back, Poesy in My Soul

With pain about to break my back;
pained, my mind about to crack…
I was touched by Sedna
~ Magaly Guerrero

“Dora Maar”, by Man Ray
(first stolen from Verse Escape)

You will learn the details behind the three lines at the beginning of this post, when you reach the last item. For now, let’s see what has been going on at my main blog and with a couple of my Wicked Darlings (by the way, it was extremely difficult to choose just two):

Happenings at my main blog (in reverse chronological order)
- “Crone of My Mind’s Flesh”, a Mamabuela Cienfuegos poem
- “Dead Flowers and Torn Feathers”, set in the world of Blooming Howls

Wicked Darlings’ Deeds
- “Neurasthenia”, by Hedgewitch, contains two of the best first lines I’ve read in a while.

- “Enviro-Rampage”, by Elena Sands, made me laugh so hard that I spewed unspeakable things all over my keyboard.

- Sedan Oil, by Touch of the Goddess, a review: Earlier this week, a diagnosis of degenerative joint disease and lumbar spine with discogenic disease at L5-S1 and L4-L5 diffuse bulging of annulus was added to my collection of chronic illnesses and neuropathic issues. The new findings aren’t as terrible as their scientific names make them sound. In fact, they can be translated to having arthritic pain in everything that bends and a couple of lumbar discs bulges. The only thing that makes this a bit peculiar (and a lot annoying) is that I’m getting them about 20 years before my time.     

This year has been tough on my body, my Wicked Luvs. If you’ve been with me these last few months, you know I’ve been struggling with my stomach, my eyes, my asthma… everything hit me at once. When a person lives with chronic pain, any stress to the body and the mind tends to increase the agony. So here I am, in more pain than ever, but not being able to take pain killers; my stomach just can’t handle it.

But the Universe probably felt that being a complete bastard wasn’t the right thing to do, so he put me in the thoughts and hands of Sharon Aven Rawson: aromatherapist, artist, energetic healer, owner of Touch of the Goddess, and dearest friend. 

Sharon sent me my first bottle of Sedna Oil some weeks back, and my Wicked Luvs, I’ve been grateful every single day after that. I rub it on my hip after long walks or working out, my Piano Man rubs the oil on my back and shoulder, and my beloved Sedna Oil soothes the pain. If you suffer of any kind of chronic pain, you know the value found in the blessing of a little bit of relief. And when you can rub that relief into your skin every night… well, yum, yum, yum!

Visit Touch of the Goddess to learn more about Sedna Oil and Sharon’s therapeutic healing ways. You can also find Sharon’s touch on Etsy and on Facebook.

Sharon, my love, I know I’ve said this often. But here it goes again, thank you… from the very bottom of my witchy heart.